EB by Ericsson-Brown
EB by Ericsson-Brown
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Eclectic Bling By Ericsson-Brown

The neck is one of the most sensuously exposed parts of a woman’s body. My neckwear is designed to stimulate the deserved attention to this area with exotic flamboyance.

All of my pieces are inspired by all of the women in my family. Each one whether younger or seasoned is an instrumental element of strength and this is my homage to them for the monumental influence they’ve each had in my life.

Being fashion-forward, I adore pioneers, like Cocoa Chanel, with her introduction of “the little black dress” (LBD). My one-of-a-kind pieces are fluid and complimentary to that look. But because my pieces have fluidity and beauty, they are not restricted to just one setting. They evoke beauty that can be a daily accent for any woman.

My pieces represent my avantgarde style and the “ROAR” of the gentle lioness every woman possesses.

EB has all of your needs covered, from statement events to statement pieces.

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